From an artist squat, in the industrial zone of Refshalevej
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Voici quelques photos du skuat où nous avons eu l'immense chance de diner mercredi dernier en compagnie de ses résidents. Last wednesday, I was invited with two friends Nico & Fabian to have dinner in an artist squat located in Refshalevej the Northern industrial zone of Christianshavn. Nico fulfiled one of his dream: head to the bathroom by scooter!
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Amager Strand, the artificial beach of Copenhagen
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Amager strand, yesterday
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Skovshoved Havn
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Around Tårbæk
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Around Svanemøllen harbour
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Charlottenlund Søbad
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C'est la fête du slip! C'est la fête du slip! C'est la fête du slip! Comment traduit-on ça en Anglais ?Bref... Finally the sun came out, youhou ! I took my bike and rode 12km to the North to explore the so-called "California of Scandinavia" or "The Côte d'Azur danoise"? Anyway, there is no comparaison but the beauty. I'm right now able to understand people who buy mansions and spend their all summer there. It is absolutely beautiful, georgeous. Well, no word to describe it.
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Trêve de plaisanterie après cette série de clichés obscures, je peux mourir en paix, j'ai trouvé the Viking et le plus beau doggy bag! Last thursday, I met a friend up at Nørrebro Station and we started to walk around, just to discover a district I have never explored before. We ended up in the middle of nowhere where a huge flea market was taken place close from Frederikssundsvej. It makes me feel better, normal people do exist in Denmark!
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